Oxford JSoc

Oxford JSoc tends to the many needs of Jewish Students in Oxford. We have a wide variety of events and services for all aspects of life at university. Click on the titles to learn more:


Oxford JSoc is not just a religious society. We organise weekly events to allow our members to connect and engage with fellow Jewish students. Whether its a cocktail party, pizza baking or Sunday football league, we have something for everyone.


Every undergraduate member of JSoc is automatically a full member of Oxford's Synagogue and Jewish Community centre (the OJC).

The community have weekly orthodox Shabbat services as well as term time Monday, Thursday and Sunday Shacharit.

There are also Egalitarian Friday Night services during term time which are student run

The OJC also have also bi-monthly Progressive and Mazorti Shabbat Sacharit services which alternate every fortnight.


Oxford JSoc regularly invite interesting speakers to come and give challenging and engaging talks, often in a "Lunch and Learn" format. We ensure a variety of educational events covering all denominations of Jewish life.


JSoc host weekly term time Shabbat meals for Friday night, Shabbat Lunch and Seudah Shlishit.

We also have term time weekday meals.

Check out the meals page for more info!